2416DM 32K CCi Clear Cabinet Electronic Memory typewriter

Swintec 2416DM 32K CCi clear cabinet typewriter with 32,000 character memory.

Authorized GSA purchasers please log on to gsaadvantage.gov for contract pricing and ordering or call 1-800-225-0867 for ordering information.

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When ordering, please be sure the model ordered and the memory capacity is approved at the correctional facility, otherwise, a minimum of a 25% restocking fee will be assessed if the order is refused.

Giving you a real handle on typing.

With its crystal clear cabinet and its 32,000-character storage memory, the 2416DM 32K CCi is specifically designed for use by inmates incarcerated in correctional facilities. The 2416DM 32K CCi lets you store, revise, and print up to 100 files, while its 20-character LCD lets you see what you've typed before it ever gets to paper. And if you don't catch a typo, chances are the 2416DM 32K CCi's built-in SPELLPROOFTM will. These and many other convenient features make this a personal typewriter with real power.

Also available in following memory versions: 4K, 7K, 16K, 64K, and 128K .   Memory sizes greater than those permitted in any specific correctional facility will be rejected at the facility property room. Please order the appropriate memory size and indicate the model in the comments section of the order form. 

Highlights :

  • 20-character Liquid Crystal Display
  • 64,000-character memory storable in up to 100 files
  • SPELLPROOF TM : 80,000-word dictionary; 300-word user-defined dictionary
  • Global search & replace
  • Sculptured 100-character keyboard
  • 13 " paper capacity/9 " writing line
  • Print speed: 12 CPS
  • Full-line Correction Memory
  • Automatic Centering, Return, Underline, Bold
  • Superscript/Subscript
  • Low/Medium/High Impression Control
  • Format Memory Retention
  • Half-backspace Key
  • Block Copy/Move/Delete/Print
  • Decimal Tab
  • Integral carrying case



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