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Swintec has been providing office equipment since 1973.  Our product lineup consists of electronic typewriters, portable typewriters, Word Processors and now Clear Cabinet typewriters and Clear Cabinet Word Processors. The clear cabinet models, especially designed for use in Correctional Facilities, have been playing a major role in Prisons throughout the US.  They provide a solution for inmates as well as the facilities in providing the inmate with a tool to use to communicate while at the same time help eliminate a problem that faces prisons every day, and that is contraband! 

Swintec ribbons, correction tapes and print wheels/daisy wheels are available for new and old Swintec typewriters as well as a host of other brands of typewriters.  

Our  Swintec electronic Calculators have been in use by accountants, bookkeepers, students, business owners and home owners assisting them in their daily task of basic to sophisticated calculations.  Everything from square root to budget planning and retail gross profit margin calculations.  

We provide the supplies and accessories necessary to keep your Swintec products running at peak efficiency.  Whether it is calculator ribbons or typewriter ribbons, lift-off tapes, cover-up tapes or print wheels, you can feel confident the item you order will work properly on your Swintec product. 

 If you would like some friendly, knowledgeable assistance with your order, please call our toll free number between 8:30am and 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday. Call 1-800-225-0867 and press 3 for internet sales





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