7000 S SC Spanish Electronic Typewriter with storage memory and Spellproof

Heavy Duty Spanish Electronic Typewriter with Spellproof and 6000 characters of storage memory

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Memory on a budget.

Sometimes a business needs more, but can't spend a whole lot more. The Swintec 7000S meets the requirement, bringing a whole host of exciting features-including 6,000-character Memory-to businesses on a budget.

Highlights :

  • 6K Memory
  • 17" paper capacity/13.5 " writing line
  • Print speed, 22 CPS, bi-directional
  • 250-character Correction Memory
  • Automatic Centering, Bolding, Underlining, and Return
  • Format Memory
  • Decimal Tab
  • Repeat File Print
  • 1 original and 7 copy capacity with form thickness control lever 
  • SPELLPROOFTM : 80,000-word main dictionary; 300-word user-defined dictionary.

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