2416DM Spanish Portable Electronic Display Typewriter

Spanish Portable Electronic Typewriter with Memory and Display and Spellproof

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Giving you a real handle on typing.

With its 16,000-character storage memory, the 2416DM lets you store, revise, and print up to 50 files, while its 20-character LCD lets you see what you've typed before it ever gets to paper. And if you don't catch a typo, chances are the 2416DM's built-in SPELLPROOFTM will. These and many other convenient features make this a portable with real power.

Highlights :

  • 20-character Liquid Crystal Display
  • 16,000-character memory storable in up to 50 files
  • SPELLPROOF TM : 80,000-word dictionary; 300-word user-defined dictionary
  • Word search
  • Sculptured 100-character keyboard
  • 13 " paper capacity/9 " writing line
  • Print speed: 12 CPS
  • Full-line Correction Memory
  • Automatic Centering, Return, Underline, Bold
  • Superscript/Subscript
  • Medium/High Impression Control
  • Half-backspace Key
  • Block Copy/Move/Delete
  • Decimal Tab
  • Integral carrying case



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