2640CCi Clear Cabinet Electronic Memory/Display Typewriter

Clear Cabinet Electronic Office Typewriter with memory and display.

Authorized GSA purchasers please log on to gsaadvantage.gov for contract pricing and ordering or call 1-800-225-0867 for ordering information.

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Especially designed for Inmate use where memory and display are of utmost importance for education departments, law libraries, administrative areas and in personal living quarters.iiii

For the most demanding office environment, the Swintec 2640CCi Electronic Typewriter both promises and delivers. From its compact , space-saving design to its 40-character liquid crystal display you'll have everything you want and need to get the job done right.

Highlights :

  • Transparent cabinet facilitates searching
  • 40-character Liquid Crystal Display
  • 112K Storage Memory
  • 15" paper capacity/11.5 writing line
  • Print speed, 20CPS
  • 700-character Correction Memory ( within 10 lines)
  • Pitch selector: 10,12,15 proportional spacing, and programmable line spacing
  • Copy capacity: 1 original and 4 copies
  • Automatic Centering, Bolding, Underlining, and Return
  • Format Memory
  • Decimal Tab.


  • SPELLPROOFTM: 80,000-word main dictionary; 300-word user-defined dictionary 

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