4600DP Electronic Calculator


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The New 4600DP heavy duty 12-digit business electronic printing calculator with many useful functions. 

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Here's value, dependability, and functionality all in one. In addition to a 12-digit easy-to-read display, a red/ black ribbon, and high-speed printing system, Swintec's 4600DP electronic desktop calculator offers simple-to use features such as three memory registers, grand total memory, percentage, add-on/discount functions, and memory overflow protection.

 • Large, 9.6 mm 12 digit blue fluorescent display

• 12 Digit fully punctuated Display and print out

• 4-key memory

• Two-color printing (black and red ribbon)

• Grand total memory

• Three function rounding switch

• Right-shift correction key permits deleting the last digit entered

• Add-on or discount calculations

• Mark-up/mark-down

• Automatic constant

• Print/non-print

• Item count

• Decimal selector (A1, A2, 0, 2, 4, 6, F)

• Paper width- Regular 2 1/4"

• Dimensions: 9" (W) x 12"  (D) x 3"(H)

• Weight- 4.6 lbs.




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