512DPR Electronic Calculator

The 512DPR electronic calculator is reliable and heavy duty in work or at home.  The live item count can be used to calculate the average answer of a column of numbers.  The large Plus and Minus keys make touch operation a breeze with the Total and Sub Total keys to the right next to them on the right. of the amount keys.

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Priced for economy and engineered for convenience, the 512DPR offers useful features at an affordable cost. This 12-digit electronic calculator gives you both a blue fluorescent display and a high-speed, quiet-action printer. With percentage, two memory registers, round off/down, add-on/discount functions, the 512DPR makes even the most difficult business-related problems easy to compute.

• 12 Digit blue fluorescent display

• 4 Key independent memory

• Two-color printing (black and red)

• Grand total memory

• Three function rounding switch

• Percent calculations

• Add-on or discount calculations

• Mark-up/mark-down

• Automatic constant

• Print/non-print

• Live Item count key

• Decimal selector


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