8500C Word Processing System

8500C Word Processing System

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8500C System Includes:

Model 7000 Typewriter with 15" Monitor for easy viewing                      

Professional Word Processing System                
80K Word SpellProofTM  plus 300 Word Custom Dictionary   
60K Large Working Memory
Unlimited Document Storage on 3 1/2" Floppy Disks
Prints forms from 1 to 8 Parts
Forms Fill-in Capability
Fast 22cps Letter Quality Printer with Changeable Daisy Wheel Fonts
This Product cannot be used to access the internet or to play games

The Swintec 8500C System is a full-featured word processor with text-editing functions, forms fill-in, mail merge, and a host of other incredible features.



    * 80-character by 25-line
    * Tilt and swivel
    * Brightness and contrast controls


    * Enhanced speed
    * Mail Merge
    * Forms Fill-In
    * Headers/Footers
    * Page Numbering
    * Repagination
    * Wait Codes
    * Automatic Envelope Printing
    * Pitch: 10, 12, 15
    * Line spacing: 1, 1.5, 2, 3
    * Bold print
    * Insert/Overstrike mode
    * Automatic Underline, Center, Word Wrap
    * Subscript/Superscript
    * Block features: Move, Copy, Delete, Bold, Underline, Undo

Standard Configuration

    * 60K document memory
    * 720K 3.5" disk drive


31.5" wide x 19" deep x 15.75" high (with monitor)


        * Also may be interface with Swintec model 2600C mid-size typewriter



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