Spell/7040 •SPELLPROOF (tm) option

Model Swintec 7040 SPELLPROOF (tm) option installed at time of purchase, includes:

80,000 Word SPELLPROOF (tm) Main Dictionary

300 Word User Defined Dictionary

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Availability: Spell/7040


This option provides an 80,000 word SPELLPROOF (tm) dictionary while you are typing.  Any time you make a spelling error, the 7040 will alert you by sounding a beep tone when you press the spacebar at the end of the word.  When this happens, you may:

1. review a list of correctly spelled words that it thinks you are trying to spell and then make your correction.

2. Highlite the chosen word to replace the word typed in error (if you are using the display) and it will replace the word on the display.

3. Add the word to your 300-word custom dictionary.  You may review the list of added words in your custom dictionary at any time and also print out a list of these words. 

You may turn off the SPELLPROOF (tm) option and type your document into the memory and when completed, turn on the SPELLPROOF (tm) option and scan through the document in memory.  It will sound a beep tone whenever it encounters a miss-spelled word allowing you to correct the error at that time.




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